Damien Duff absolutely loses it during post match celebration 3 months ago

Damien Duff absolutely loses it during post match celebration

He went full Jurgen Klopp.

Damien Duff absolutely loses all control following Shelbourne's dramatic victory over St Patrick’s Athletic in a tense Dublin derby.


The former Chelsea winger has watched his team lose to St Patrick's three consecutive teams in recent seasons, with each game finishing 1-0 in favour of their rivals.

It looked certain that it was going to be a fourth in a row, as the Saints went 1-0 up with just ten minutes left on the clock, and frustration was beginning to mount.

That was until Duff unleashed his new signing Euclides Cabral from the bench, as the full back came on to get an equaliser, giving Shelbourne the momentum they needed to go after the win.


The win came thanks to Paddy Barrett’s 90th minute header to secure a much needed victory, and the manager just couldn't contain himself afterwards.

Duff rushed to the Shels fans and pulled off a classic Jurgen Klopp celebration, punching the air four times to be greeted by the rapturous sound of ecstatic fans.


Klopp is known for being a bit eccentric and sometimes 'over the top' but the Irishman took it to a new level last night, and deservedly so.

Sometimes the pressure in football is so much, and managers especially feel like that most of their job is just putting out fire after fire.

So when you get the win, especially a big win, you have to enjoy the moment, which is exactly what Duff did, and the fans clearly appreciated it.

The former Premier League winner has played under some eccentric managers himself, including Jose Mourinho, so he maybe picked up a trick or two from his old boss when it comes to milking the moment.


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