Damien Delaney on why the Man United players 'don't like' Ralf Rangnick 1 year ago

Damien Delaney on why the Man United players 'don't like' Ralf Rangnick

"He's trying to change the culture at Man United."

Damien Delaney has said that some Manchester United players may not like interim manager Ralf Rangnick because he is asking them to 'to do things they're not comfortable with.'


Rangnick has sought for the team to press high and work hard off the ball. He has also been direct in his media dealings, and looked to prioritise the best interests of the team over those of individual players.

Rangnick's methods has been in contrast to his predecessor, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who appeared to take a softer approach with the players and tried to keep everyone onside.

Damien Delaney Man United

Damien Delaney on why the Man United players don't like Ralf Rangnick.


According to Delaney, the German may not be popular with all of his players because of his approach.

The ex-Crystal Palace defender made the comments after Man United drew 1-1 with Atletico Madrid in the Champions League last-16 first-leg on Wednesday night.

"It's a difficult one with him," Delaney said about Rangnick on Virgin Media Sport.

"I like him, I do. I like when he talks, even his interview there afterwards, I think he's so honest."


Delaney was then asked if he believes the Man United players like Rangnick.

The former Republic of Ireland defender said he doesn't believe that the players do like the club's interim coach, partly because the German is asking them to step out of their comfort zone.


"I don't think they do, because I think he asks these players to do things they're not comfortable with," Delaney said.

"He's trying to change the culture at Man United, and that's obviously a big picture, larger discussion. But I think that he's taking these players out of their comfort zone."

Delaney: Rangnick is trying to change Man United's culture.

Delaney then speculated about Rangnick's suitability for the role and wondered if the 63-year-old was more suited to an executive position than being in 'the trenches' and coaching the team.


"I do like him. I just wonder is he the man to take Man United forward, or is he better off upstairs," he said.

"I wonder is he book smart, but not streetsmart? You look at someone like Diego Simeone - street smart. You know, been there done that.

"If I was going to a Uefa conference in Switzerland and this guy (Rangnick) was running it for the weekend, I'd expect a good weekend.

"It would be nice, organised, pleasant, educational, (he would give) a PowerPoint presentation. But he's in trenches now."

Damien Delaney Man United

Delaney on Rangnick.

Delaney also conceded that it appears the Man United squad don't appear to like any of their managers, given the evidence from recent seasons.

And he stated that Rangnick deserves credit for the changes he made against Atletico which helped United rescue a draw.

"In fairness to him, to give him his dues, he made a mistake in his line-up, the team didn't perform the way he wanted, Lindelof at right-back didn't work at all, but he made the changes that kept Man United in this tie and kept it alive for the second leg.

"My overriding feeling is that I do like him... But I don't think the players are going to have anyone, to be honest with you. I think we've seen that over the last number of years."