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31st Aug 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo is the joint most expensive player in FPL this year

Danny Jones

Ronaldo’s FPL price has been revealed. He came straight in at the top of the pecking order

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United and Premier League homecoming caught most everyone off guard.

The deal came together so quickly and with so many twists and turns in a short space of time – going from a ‘traitorous’ Blue to a returning Red in the space of a couple hours – and now everyone’s trying to figure out how to get him in their FPL team.

Fantasy football is a nightmare at the best of times: you’re never happy with your team and no matter how clever you try to be come game week, there’s always someone on the bench who bangs or someone you have to sacrifice for budget.

The question is, can you afford him and who are you willing to sacrifice in order to squeeze him in?

Unsurprisingly, Ronaldo‘s FPL price came straight in on the top rung as a Β£12.5m striker, making him the only forward currently sat at that price. Kane’s ‘will he won’t he’ dance and subsequent delayed start to the league has seen him drop to Β£12.3m and before you try to ‘correct’ us, Salah is the same price as Ronaldo but he’s listed as a midfielder.

If you’re a United fan, we imagine you’re going to struggle to decide which players to keep in, especially considering including just Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes will cost you Β£24.6m alone [Fernandes is currently Β£12.1m].

That being said, we’re all pretty much in the same boat: you can’t not debate putting in one of the greatest players of all time in your squad. However, much like the real-life dilemma, could squeezing him at the expense of others affect your overall squad? Only time will tell.


  • Mo Salah Β£12.5m
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Β£12.5m
  • Harry Kane Β£12.3m
  • Bruno Fernandes Β£12.1m
  • Sadio ManΓ© Β£11.9m
  • Kevin de Bruyne Β£11.9m
  • Romelu Lukaku Β£11.5m

The leading scorer in Fantasy Football, so far, this season is Β£7.6m man Michail Antonio [West Ham] with 40 points from his first three outings.

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