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13th Jan 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo suggests younger players at Man United can’t take criticism

Cristiano Ronaldo has emphasised the importance of mentality among the Manchester United squad, pointing to some players' reluctant to take criticism

Reuben Pinder

Cristiano Ronaldo Man United

“They don’t accept that if you criticise them.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has said young players do not like taking on criticism from more experienced teammates.

Discussing how Manchester United might be able to turn their fortunes around this season, the Portuguese striker explained that the club should not accept anything less than third this season, emphasising the importance of mentality over tactics.

Speaking about how experienced players can guide their younger teammates in difficult periods, Ronaldo also suggested younger players are reluctant to accept constructive criticism. While insisting he was speaking generally, it appeared to be a thinly-veiled dig at some of his teammates at Old Trafford.

Cristiano Ronaldo Man United

Ronaldo suggests younger Man United players can’t accept criticism.

“The mature players, the older players can always help the young players,” Ronaldo told Premier League Productions.

“But, I can give you an example, if I give you advice, even if you are younger than me and if you don’t implant that in a daily life it will be difficult.

“I remember when I was 18, 19, 20, some old players speak with me and I put that as, ‘Cristiano, you know you have to improve. They know more than you, they are more experienced than you’. They passed through many bad moments.

“But the other people (youngsters), they don’t accept that if you criticise them. I don’t say this in relation to our players but in general. I have kids, I know. Sometimes when you’re a little bit harder, they do the opposite, you have to find the right balance to speak with them.

Cristiano Ronaldo Man United

Ronaldo speaks about situation at Man United.

“But in my opinion, the main point is it should come from inside you,” the Portugal captain continued.

“You should be proud of yourself, look in the mirror and say, listen, I gave everything. And I think all of us should do that. Because it’s a new year, we change the page, we have many things to win, we have to believe on that, if not it will be a nightmare.

“The individual is the most important thing. We are here to help when they need my help, my support, my advice, I will be the number one to help but if you don’t want my help, do your job, look for yourself and do your best to help the team.”

The number seven also gave his backing to under-pressure interim boss Ralf Rangnick, explaining that it will take time to implement his footballing ideas.

“He arrived five weeks ago, and he changed many things, but he needs time to put his ideas to the players,” Ronaldo said.

“It takes time, but I believe that he is going to do a good job. We know we aren’t playing the best football, but we have many games to improve.

“Since he arrived, I think in some points we are better, but he needs time. It’s not that easy to change the mentality of players and the way they play, the system and the culture like that. I believe that he is going to do a good job.”

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