The penalty that Cristiano Ronaldo didn't score is the one that actually sums him up 4 years ago

The penalty that Cristiano Ronaldo didn't score is the one that actually sums him up

Only Cristiano Ronaldo could create multiple storylines out of penalty kicks.

We've all seen that penalty Cristiano Ronaldo scored against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.


That famous volleyed spot kick was a bit of a fluke. He didn't magic the ball into the air before striking it. He didn't deliberately make it rise with the placement of his other foot. Nor did he 'double-hit' the ball, like some folks initially thought.

It was a freak event. An oddity. There was simply something unusual going on with the turf that night. It made for an intriguing description and a captivating watch, but there was nothing particularly remarkable about Ronaldo's intentions with that strike.

If you want a spot-kick that better sums up the man, look no further than the one in the 89th minute of Real Madrid's 4-0 hammering of Alaves.


What was truly remarkable about Ronaldo's involvement in this penalty was that he wasn't involved at all.

Gareth Bale made that darting run into the opposition box. The Welshman won the foul that earned the penalty. Karim Benzema stepped up to take it and coolly converted it.

The first man to walk over and embrace the Frenchman was none other than Ronaldo.


By all accounts, Ronaldo should have been the man tasked with taking that penalty.

Not only is he the prefered penalty taker, but he was on a hat-trick in that game. If he had scored it, he would have reached two landmarks - 50 career hat tricks and 300 La Liga goals.

However, Ronaldo put his teammate first. Benzema produced a stunning assist earlier in the game for Ronaldo's opener. He also set up Bale's goal in the second half.


It wasn't that long ago when Benzema was being forced to endure whistles, jeers and boos from his own club's supporters. Back then, Ronaldo was one of the few who stood up to defend him.

With his latest act of selflessness, Ronaldo let Benzema fulfil his purpose. Strikers score goals and for the most part, they enjoy doing it.

Benzema scoring also meant that it was the first time since April 2016 that all three members of Real Madrid's BBC - Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo - scored in the same game.

Don't think this didn't enter Ronaldo's mind when he stood aside.