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25th Nov 2014

17 teams are closer to bottom spot of the Premier League than Chelsea

The Premier League title race in perspective

Darragh Murphy

An insane statistic from Metro shows how little Chelsea need to be looking over their shoulders as they continue to win in the Premier League.

A staggering total of 17 clubs are closer to relegation than they are to Jose Mourinho’s side.

Granted, we’re just under 1/3 the way through the season but Chelsea have looked uncatchable up to now.

The only other two sides who can claim to be within any bit of reach of the Blues are Southampton, who sit six points adrift of top spot, and Man City, who are eight points behind the leaders.

The team sat in fourth spot, Manchester United (on 19 points) and all teams below them are actually closer to bottom of the table QPR (8 points) than Chelsea (32 points) which shows just how dominant Mourinho’s men have been.

Scary stuff!

Picture - Metro

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