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27th May 2023

Calls for Cork City fans to get lifetime bans for “disgusting behaviour”

Lee Costello

Cork City

“It’s disgusting. I’m going to put in a report to the police.”

Stephen Bradley has called for Cork City fans to get lifetime bans following disgusting chants directed at his nine-year-old son.

The Shamrock Rovers manager had to endure verbal abuse about his son who has been struggling with illness in recent times.

Cork City football club have released a statement condemning those who sang the chants, and have began an investigation to find out who was involved.

“Cork City FC wish to unreservedly condemn the actions of a handful of individuals who directed disgusting abuse at Shamrock Rovers manager Stephen Bradley from outside the stadium shortly after tonight’s match.

“The club will work with all relevant authorities to identify those involved and take the appropriate action against those involved.

“On behalf of the club, we wish to apologise to Mr Bradley for the actions of these individuals.

According to The Irish Examiner the songs were about the child in question, and Bradley clarified as much after the match.

The football manager had no issue receiving stick from opposition fans, but felt that this crossed the line, and wants to see severe consequences for this involved.

Cork City

“It’s disgusting. I’m going to put in a report to the police. Singing about my son… you take stick. As a football person, that comes with it. That’s your job and that’s fine.

“But speaking about a sick nine-year-old is disgusting and Cork City should be ashamed of them. I want them banned for life. That’s disgusting.

“That has no place in football or society. That’s disgusting behaviour.”

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