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27th Oct 2021

Conor McGregor gives surprisingly sensible take on Man United’s problems

Callum Boyle

The MMA star is a big United fan

Conor McGregor has given a surprisingly accurate take on the problems that Manchester United are facing at present.

The Red Devils are in disarray following their 5-0 hammering to the hands of rivals Liverpool last weekend and McGregor is not the first – and won’t be the last – of many big names to voice their opinion on the subject.

Whilst many seem to be avoiding the negative sides, McGregor, who is known for speaking his mind, has had his say on the ongoing issues.

Taking to his Twitter account, the Dubliner believes that they need a leader at the helm to help a young squad. Whilst he respects Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, McGregor believes the coach should be given an alternative role and a new manager be brought in. In a [now deleted] tweet, he stated:

‘The issue at United is it’s just bunch of young fellas talking to each other. Peers.

‘You need some one above the group chat to take the helm. Ole was on the bench when Ronaldo played. A peer. Not enough. Love and respect Ole to the max but his role needs rearranged. My opinion.’

It’s not often that he’s right, but in this case, he’s actually talking a lot of sense here.

Despite all the issues on the pitch, there is still an overwhelming amount of respect towards the Norwegian as a person. After all, he won Manchester United the Champions League final as a player and will forever be remembered for that.

But his managerial skills have come into question, with Antonio Conte emerging as the favourite to take over should Solskjaer fail to deliver improved performances in United’s next three games.

Keeping Solskjaer at Old Trafford, albeit in a different role, may not actually be the worst solution. He commands the respect of the hierarchy who have been patient with him during his time and it seems like many are in agreement with the 33-year-old’s view.

Al Foran, previously of JOE, commented: “This I can agree on, keep Ole on in a director role with regards to transfers etc. He completely turned things around at the club in December 2018 when he took on the role as interim manager.”

Meanwhile, another fan also agreed saying: “I can get behind this. Not everyone has worked how we wanted them too but his success rate with transfers is impressive.”

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