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23rd Feb 2016

Charlton fans put the brakes on their own club’s commercial deal

Tom Victor

As fan protests go, this is probably one of the more effective.

Charlton Athletic supporters are not happy with owner Roland Duchatelet, to say the least, and they’ve been quick to voice their concerns in any way possible.

But while protests at the ground are one thing, the fans have found a way to hit the club’s management where it really hurts – on the commercial side.

They managed to talk a potential partner out of a commercial deal with the club after making it very clear how they feel about the direction in which the ownership is taking the Addicks.

City AM reports that social media protests from supporters convinced energy drinks brand Coco 5 to pull out of a potential deal.

“There appears to be a high level of unhappiness with the current regime there,” said the CEO of the company which markets the brand in the UK.

“So given the passion and level of social media messaging we were left with one option: to assure fans that we would not be pursuing any commercial links with Charlton whatsoever.”

Whether this encourages Duchatelet to reconsider how the club is being run remains to be seen.

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