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06th Oct 2015

Charles N’Zogbia hits back at Twitter troll by revealing his pretty mental wages

Insomnia is raking it in

Darragh Murphy

He’s most famous for having his name mispronounced by Joe Kinnear as “Charles Insomnia” but he’s making a fair old wedge.

Charles N’Zogbia has yet to play so much as a minute for Aston Villa in the Premier League this season but he’s been remained fairly vocal on social media.


And while pontificating on Twitter on Monday night, the Frenchman was called out by a Villa fan who believed he was being significantly overpaid.


N’Zogbia hit back, quick as a flash, saying that the supporter had gotten his figures wrong and that, in fact, the winger was earning much more every week for warming the Villa Park bench.


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That’s over €85,000 a week folks or, in layman’s terms, too much money.

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