QUIZ: Name every club to play in the Champions League 11 months ago

QUIZ: Name every club to play in the Champions League

Get more than 100 and you've done very well

You look bored. Just as well, then, that you've found this - the perfect football quiz to use up ten minutes of your day.


Here, we're challenging you to name as many clubs as you possibly can that have competed in the Champions League.

Let's be very, very clear on that.

By 'Champions League' we mean since the 1992 rebrand of the European Cup - nothing before that date.

We're essentially looking at any club which has competed in the group stages or, for those who remember the early format of the Champions League, the first round - from Real Madrid to Rubin Kazan (there's two for free).


champions league quiz club

We're not interested in preliminary round teams. Sorry, TNS fans.

You're definitely not getting full marks in this one, but get anywhere near 100 and you've done very, very well.

Oh, and another thing to mention: you always don't have to put a team's full name. An abbreviated name is sometimes enough for those trickier to spell team names.


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