Ex-Man United defender suggests some players 'don’t like' Bruno Fernandes 1 year ago

Ex-Man United defender suggests some players 'don’t like' Bruno Fernandes

"He brings too much attention to everything."

Paul Parker has suggested that some Manchester United players do not like their teammate Bruno Fernandes.


The ex-Man United defender was speaking after Fernandes scored twice for the Red Devils in their 2-2 draw with Aston Villa last weekend.

Bruno showed his class in the game, but also displayed the other side of his game. The Portugal midfielder was frequently seen clashing with opposition players and the match officials.

Paul Parker: Some Man United players don't like Bruno Fernandes.


Park has said that Fernandes' conduct in matches could cause issues with teammates. "Fernandes is a concern for me," Parker told the Talk of the Devil podcast.

"Just watching him and the way he portrays himself on the pitch, I’m sure there are players within that squad that don’t like him and what he does on that pitch.

"He brings too much attention to everything. He puts in a bad tackle and he’s telling people to get up. He gets tackled himself and he rolls around, and he wants to show he’s got a nick on his sock or something."


Parker cited an example of Fernandes appealing for a penalty against Villa last Saturday. The appeal was ignored by the referee and match officials before Villa striker Ollie Watkins tried to lift the Portuguese midfielder to his feet.

Fernandes pushed Watkins away and Parker has said that the Man United midfielder was being "disrespectful."

"Watkins tried to help him up the other day," Parker said.

"He’s a lovely lad, no malice in him. He felt he didn’t do anything and he tried to get him up, wasn’t rude to him. And he (Fernandes) pushes his arms up into his face and was very disrespectful to him. All that adds a bit."


The body language of Man United players in games this season has been frequently criticised. Gary Neville said that some players in the squad are "whinge bags."