Bruno Fernandes shares awkward dressing room reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo 10 months ago

Bruno Fernandes shares awkward dressing room reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo

Very awkward

Cristiano Ronaldo's upcoming explosive interview with Piers Morgan , and his high-profile falling out with Manchester United, appears to have spilled over into the Portuguese national team with Bruno Fernandes appearing to give him a frosty greeting


Details of the interview, the full version of which is scheduled to be aired later this week, appeared online on Sunday night as previews were released many viewers were able to hear snippets of Ronaldo's many claims. 

Ronaldo, who expressed a wish to leave Old Trafford in the summer, said he feels 'betrayed' by the club, does not respect manager Erik ten Hag and feels he is being forced out.

Reports have since claimed Ronaldo will face a fine of £1m from United, whereas others claim he could be released from his contract over the nature of his comments.

United, meanwhile, insist they will consider their response to the interview when the full facts behind it have been established.


Fernandes, United's de-facto vice-captain, appeared to not have been fond of the interview as he greeted Ronaldo after linking up with the national side on Monday evening.

In the clip, released on Portugal's social media channels showing each of the 26 players arriving ahead of the World Cup which kicks off this week with Qatar-Ecuador on Sunday, Fernandes can be seen walking past Ronaldo.


Fernandes put an arm on Ronaldo as he walked past him to put his bag down in the locker next to his before trying to turn away to face the rest of the dressing room.

However, Ronaldo offered out his hand. Fernandes, after a short moment of contemplating his next movie awkwardly meets his hand beforesaying something to him and turning away quickly.

A source close to Bruno Fernandes told The Athletic that the clip has been taken out of context, and the pair were sharing 'a joke' over his flight arriving late, but that initial greeting was incredibly awkward.


Reacting to the clip on social media, most supporters appeared to take the side of Fernandes.

One user wrote: "Another impending problem with Ronaldo's interview is the situation he's put both [Diogo] Dalot and Bruno in. Such an unnecessary and awkward situation."

Analysing the exchange, writing: "Bruno wasn't going to shake hands if Ronaldo didn't reach out, and he clearly had his face down [throughout], which clearly means he wasn't interested in shaking hands if Ronaldo didn't reach out"

Meanwhile another added: "Ronaldo seems to be genuinely bemused why Bruno Fernandes might be a bit frosty with him."

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