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27th Mar 2024

Brian Kerr explains why he doesn’t think John O’Shea will get the Ireland job

Niall McIntyre

Brian Kerr doesn’t think John O’Shea will get the Republic of Ireland job on a permanent basis.

O’Shea has overseen a draw and a loss in his time as interim Republic of Ireland manager and while there has been some clamour for him to be given the role on a full-time basis, Brian Kerr doesn’t believe this will be the case.

Kerr told Virgin Media after Tuesday night’s 1-0 loss to Switzerland that, from the outset, it was indicated to him by the FAI ‘that they have someone (else) in mind.’

Having helped O’Shea out over the last number of weeks, Kerr has hailed the former Manchester United defender for how he’s conducted himself during his time in charge. He says that O’Shea is ‘definitely management material,’ and has backed him to be involved with Ireland teams in the future.

He doesn’t believe, however, that he will be the next man in charge.

“All the indications that were given to me when I was approached initially were that the FAI have someone (else) in mind, that they have somebody organised, and that that is going to happen sometime after these two games,” said Kerr.

“So I presume that’s still the case.

“John has gone about his business very well in a short space of time.

“An awful lot of work to do in terms of pulling a staff together, selecting the squad. Coming in, we only had three actual training days before the first game.

“So in that, he managed to achieve an awful lot.

“He’s definitely management material,” he added.

“He’s been building up a lot of experience in the clubs he’s been at and with the different managers he’s worked with and he’s said himself he wants to get into management.

“I don’t know what the exact position is but I understand that the FAI have somebody else lined up and unless I hear otherwise, that’s what I’m taking as the situation,” said Kerr definitively.

“I’m sure John will have a part to play in future set-ups whether it’s with the next manager or with some of the other underage teams.

“But I would think he’s done himself no harm in these two games in the way he’s worked and how he’s gone about his business.”

As for his own future, Kerr says that he believes the Switzerland game will be his ‘last involvement’ in the team. He says he has enjoyed his time with the team and is now looking forward to getting back to his punditry work with Virgin Media.

“I think I’ll be back with you soon enouh in studio. I was asked to help out for two games and those two games are over.

“Tonight I think is my last involvement and I haven’t heard anything to suggest that it’s not going to be the case.

“But I’ve been absolutely delighted to be involved. It’s been a fabulous experience, a learning experience too.

“It’ll help me in the other work (punditry) in the future if I’m back in Virgin media which I’ll be quite happy to do.”

O’Shea, for his part, has stated his desire to continue as manager.

“My instinct would be that I’m more than ready and capable to be a manager,” he said afrer the game.

“But for me the full focus was on the two games, enjoy the moment in terms of learning from it and really understand it, learn about myself in terms of how I cope with the situation with the games, and learn do I want to do it more.

“And look, the emphatic answer from me would be yes. But where that is, let’s wait and see,” he added.

Meanwhile, despite his presence at the game, the FAI maintain that Chelsea legend Roberto Di Matteo’s presence at the Aviva Stadium was merely a coincidence.

The former Champions League winning manager was snapped speaking to FAI CEO Jonathan Hill at the game, but his presence may be linked to the fact that he was born in Switzerland.

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