Brian Kerr absolutely impervious to presenter's very unfortunate slip of the tongue 6 years ago

Brian Kerr absolutely impervious to presenter's very unfortunate slip of the tongue

In a world full of giggling schoolchildren, Brian Kerr is one of those rare folks with some sort of cop on.

If you've never laughed at someone mistakenly saying a rude word before, congratulations, you're more mature than 99.9% of your fellow humans.


It doesn't matter how juvenile the error is, when someone says the wrong word at the wrong time, it's going to get some giggles.

That's the big drawback to being on liveĀ broadcasts. What's worse is that in this frightening modern era of smart phones, rewindable TVs and Gameboy Colours, you can't get away with an honest mistake anymore without the world being informed of it.


Whether Phil Neville's mistake was intentional or not is up for debate, but what's undeniable is that he enjoyed it. He's one of the few characters in the sporting realm who can cause a lotĀ more laughter by being in on his own joke which, if that was the case in this instance, was a horrendous effort at a punchline.

Usually, these Freudian slips are infinitely more entertaining when the poor sod who makes them didn't do it intentionally.

We saw another example of this in theĀ greatest league in the world after Derry City's 2-0 away win over Shamrock Rovers on Saturday night.

The presenter tried his utmost to congratulate Kenny Shiels for his daughter giving birth, but he just got a bit tongue-tied and the wrong word came out.


How on Earth did Brian Kerr manage to keep a straight face there? What makes the former Republic of Ireland manager's feat more impressive is the look his fellow pundit shot him trying to make him crack.