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24th Sep 2015

Billy Walsh gives honest assessment on Brendan Rodgers, Joe Schmidt and Brian Cody

Different management styles

Patrick McCarry

One great coach discussing some of the finest man-managers in the sporting world.

When Billy Walsh speaks, you’d be doing well to listen.

Take his words on board, put in the hard slog and you are well on the road to medals.

We caught up with Ireland’s most successful boxing coach at the Bord Gáis Energy Leadership Conference, today, and got his take on some of the highest profile coaches of recent years.

“The leader has to be the leader, whatever way that may be,” he says. “I don’t think my style is like anybody else’s. Everybody is unique but it is about the team. Without the team you’re nothing.”

Billy Walsh on Alex Ferguson

His style was more on fear. A lot of people would have respect for him but if you were not doing the business, he would let you know. I’m not sure of it. I have read some of his books and some of them are quite good. He would say in his book that he works on fear and he knows what he wants.

Billy Walsh on Joe Schmidt

I went and spent an afternoon with Joe, in his Dublin office. We sat down and chatted about our culture, teams and how we operate. Our conversation was really enjoyable and I picked up a lot of great stuff from it.

2015 Rugby World Cup Group D, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales 19/9/2015 Ireland vs Canada Ireland head coach Joe Schmidt Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

Billy Walsh on Brian Cody

What Brian has done for Kilkenny over the past decade. He would remind you of Alex Ferguson in many ways. Those type of guys are role models for any sports because the same principles exist across a range of sports.

Billy Walsh on Jim McGuinness

He is meticulous and he very much works on the psychology side of things. Preparation, for him, was key so he left no stone un-turned on that side of things. The job he was doing was at a very high level of intensity – it takes a lot of commitment from everybody around you. To stay at that level for a number of years is very difficult so it is no wonder that he went in, did the business, tried to repeat it and then got out. It’s a very difficult situation when it is a non-paying job.

Billy Walsh on Brendan Rodgers

He’s struggling at the moment. He’s been struggling for a while. I think he speaks well and sells his story well. But they haven’t bought the players, and the quality, they should have and I don’t think these lads are playing for him.

Liverpool v Carlisle United - Capital One Cup Third Round

These are only my presumptions, and views, but I feel he is too quiet for his team.

Billy Walsh on Jose Mourinho

Jose is a character. What he does is take a lot of attention away from the team. The media focus on him and that enables his players to play. He seems to be a player’s man – they seem to love him. His emotional intelligence around his team, and what they need, is very good. He takes all the flak in the media, entertains them and allows his team to focus on their game.