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06th Jul 2024

BBC pundits slammed for ‘ridiculous’ analysis of England’s performance against Switzerland

Jacob Entwhistle

Roy Keane would’ve told Micah how it is

BBC pundits have been slammed for their ‘ridiculous’ analysis of England’s performance against Switzerland.

England failed to register a shot on target against Switzerland in their Euro 2024 quarter final.

Although better than previous performances, it still wasn’t to the desire that most people would expect however the BBC pundits opted to wax lyrical about the first 45.

The consensus wasn’t the same on X.

One person said: “Me: Yet another boring 45 minutes of football.

“BBC pundits: Lo! The greatest team in the history of sport are playing like Gods and all will bow before them.”

Another said: “0 shots on target and the BBC pundits would have you thinking they’ve played like 1982 Brazil.

“Can someone maybe remind the BBC pundits that it’s 0-0 and the Swiss keeper hasn’t had a save to make yet?” commented a third.

This user added: “Did the BBC pundits actually watch that first half? How are they happy with that performance?”

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