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07th Jul 2021

BBC receive loads of complaints over ‘biased Euros commentary’

Kieran Galpin

Change the Channel Karen.

The BBC had numerous complaints about their coverage of the 2020 Euros. These claims insinuate that the British Broadcasting Corporation is heavily biased towards coverage of the England team while overlooking Scotland, Wales, and the wider European teams.

A BBC bulletin reads, “received some complaints about our Euro 2020 coverage, from people who think our commentators or presenters are biased in favour of England.” The BBC’s response illustrates the mixed talent they have discussing the Euros, as the Pundits:

“features a line-up of England, Scotland, and Wales experts’, among the likes of Alex Scott, Rio Ferdinand, Jermaine Jenas and Alan Shearer.”

When you consider that each of the above are from England, even a yes-man would question the idea behind that for an explanation.

The network was also quick to rebuff the idea that England is the only coverage they focus on as “dedicated team coverage will also be provided by home nations experts.”

Moreso, they illustrated the array of international experts, giving a platform to Juergen Klinsmann, Cesc Fabregas, Petr Cech, and Eric Abidal. Crucially, however, you won’t see those analysts as much as you’ll see of the English.

Among other complaints, the BBC have also been criticised by people who think there is too much Euros coverage. But whether you are a fan of football or not, you must empathise with the situation. This year is history-making, so of course, the BBC is going to be all over it. The great thing about TV is that you can change it if you don’t like the channel. If football isn’t your thing, then try cracking on some Netflix, perhaps a mindfulness podcast to quell your innermost Karen.

The BBC also reiterated how proud they are of the coverage they have provided. It would be all too easy to fill the commentary with purely English voices, but the BBC has done just the opposite.

The England vs Denmark semi-final is to air live on Wednesday July 7, from 6.30pm on ITV and on the ITV Hub.

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