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03rd Mar 2023

Barcelona could be banned from entering the summer transfer market


Barcelona transfer market

The club must raise €200m in player sales before they can buy new players.

La Liga could ban FC Barcelona from entering the summer transfer market and signing new players, according to reports.

Javier Tebas, the president of the Spanish league, has said that the Catalan club raise up to €200m (£178m) this summer before they will be allowed to sign new players.

Barcelona are heavily in debt but managed to raise money for new players last summer by selling off TV rights.

According to the La Liga president, they will need to sell players this summer before they will be allowed to make incoming transfers.

“As of today, Barcelona doesn’t have any room in its budget to spend in the upcoming transfer window,” Tebas said on Thursday at the Financial Times Business of Football summit in London.

“Barcelona has been involved in questionable behaviour which has had an impact on LaLiga and we are acting accordingly. We have ruled that they can no longer sign more players.

“They sold off €700m in TV rights and tried to find different ways to solve the situation but they won’t be able to do that next season. We have strict economic controls. At the end of each window, we tell all the clubs in La Liga what they can spend.

“In the case of Barcelona, they have to drop from spending on wages and transfers from £532m to £399m (€650m to €450m), so it’s a budget of minus €200m.

“They have to reduce their investment in players and we have encouraged them to sell players because, for every amount they raise in sales, they can spend 40 per cent of that.”

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