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28th Sep 2018

Looks like Barca’s iconic club crest is about to change…again

The La Liga giants want to modernise the design

Darragh Murphy

Barcelona’s iconic club crest may be about to undergo several subtle changes.

The La Liga giants have proposed an update to the crest which would see the ‘FCB’ acronym removed, the football move to a more central position and a more aesthetically pleasing balance of colours.

The alterations have been suggested to align with Barcelona’s strategic plans to promote the club on an international level and to make it easier to replicate in all forms of media, particularly digital.

The new design has already been approved by Barcelona’s board of directors but because the change would represent an amendment of the club statutes, the proposal will also have to be ratified by the club’s members next month.

If approved, the new crest will come into effect next season.

A statement read: “FC Barcelona is changing its crest in order to adapt to modern times. Since the design was last updated in 2002, the context, society and technology have changed enormously, and the symbols identified with the club need to evolve too.

“This evolution stays faithful to the historical elements of the crest: the city, Barcelona; the country, Catalonia; the club, the ‘blaugrana’ colours; and the ball. But the new design now has greater reproduction capacity, especially in the increasingly more important world of digital media. The most striking changes are an increase in the balance and impact of the team colours, the greater presence of a central and iconic element of the Barça style of play, namely the ball, the homogenisation of the forms and colours, and the disappearance of the FCB acronym.”

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