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25th Jan 2015

Arsene Wenger’s OK with Arsenal’s selfie habit

It's better than smoking we suppose

Gareth Makim

Arsene Wenger has defended his players predilection for post-match selfies.

Jamie Carragher gave the Gunners both barrels after their victory at Manchester City last weekend, slamming what he called the ‘absolute nonsense’ of littering social media with a host of selfies after an albeit impressive league win.

Wenger has no problems with the celebratory pictures, however, as long as his charges keep their feet firmly on the ground.

‘They did it, they had a right to be happy,’ the Frenchman said. ‘You want this game to remain human. But don’t worry, they know they haven’t won the league. We have to keep things at the right level. We have to live with the fact that today football is very popular, everything is analysed, sometimes it goes overboard but we have to stay at the right level and take a distance and put things into the right perspective.’

The Gunners boss does have a line though.

‘There are limits because the other day, I saw Totti scorind a goal during a game doing the same thing. Honestly, that’s too far.’

Good to know, Arsene. We’re sure Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s card has been marked.


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