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14th Dec 2022

Argentina sing about Brazil and England in dressing room celebrations

Callum Boyle

Argentina song dressing room

Argentina’s stars joined in with the chants.

Argentina celebrated reaching the World Cup final by singing chants about Brazil and England.

It was party time in the South Americans’ dressing room after a comfortable 3-0 win against Croatia in which Julian Alvarez scored a brace after Lionel Messi – who lit up the stage once again – opened the scoring from the penalty spot.

In jubilant scenes, the whole squad whipped their shirts off before singing a new chant which mocks both Brazil and England.

The lyrics include a line saying “Ingleses putos de Malvinas no me olvido” which roughly translates to: ” ‘f***ing English in the Falklands, I don’t forget”.

The word ‘putos’ to describe English people is often given homophobic connotations and can also mean forwards. ”Las Malvinas’ meanwhile is the Spanish translation for the Falklands.

Defender Nicolas Otamendi shared footage of the team’s celebrations on his Instagram Stories after the 3-0 victory.

The full chant is translated as: “Brazilian, what happened, the five-time champions screwed up. Messi went to Rio and he left with the cup. We are the Argentine band and we will always cheer them on because we have the dream of being the world champion. I’m like that, I am Argentinian, f***ing English in the Falklands, I don’t forget. I’m like that, I encourage you, I follow Argentina everywhere.”

The opening lyrics to the song refer to Argentina’s Copa America victory in 2021 in which they beat tournament hosts Brazil in the final.

Another chant sung by Argentina fans refers to English supporters and the Falklands and has been heard in Qatar.

They sang: ” We chased the English everywhere, the Germans are afraid to cross us, oh Brazilian, you don’t know what awaits you when you come to play La Bombonera.

“For the colours of my country I give my life, as the soldiers did in the Falklands, when I die I don’t want any flowers, I want a cloth that has these colours.”

Argentinians also still claim sovereignty over the Falklands despite it officially being classed as a British overseas territory since 1883, with those living on the island voting overwhelmingly to remain as part of the UK.

In 1982 the archipelago was invaded by Argentine forces – who claim that they acquired the Falklands from Spain in 1816 before the British asserted rule – and were involved in a bloody 10-week war ordered by Margaret Thatcher.

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