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10th Jan 2017

Antonio Valencia crossed the ball with his left foot and everyone freaked out

Wait, he knew how to do that this whole time?

Tom Victor

José Mourinho has worked miracles in the eyes of some Manchester United fans this season by turning Antonio Valencia back into one of the club’s most important first-teamers.

The former Wigan man had looked to be on the wane before Mourinho’s arrival, but has cemented his place in the starting line-up and started to show some of his best ever form in a United shirt.

But Valencia playing well consistently is one thing. Valencia using his left foot is another altogether.

The Ecuador international was signed by Sir Alex Ferguson back in 2009 and – at a guess – has used his left foot seven times since then.

But that changed in United’s EFL Cup semi-final first-leg against Hull City, when he trusted his weaker peg (can you even call it ‘weaker’ when it probably comes third in the ranking of his two legs?) not once but twice.

It was the most surprising thing to happen in a Manchester United game since Rui Faria snuck Bastian Schweinsteiger onto the pitch while Mourinho wasn’t looking, and people are still coming to terms with the momentous occasion.

For his next trick, Mourinho will get Marcos Rojo to perfectly time a tackle while staying on his feet. Hey, we can dream.

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