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19th Jun 2024

Fans in shock as Amadou Onana pulls off perfect English accent when correcting reporter

Jacob Entwhistle

The clip of Amadou Onana‘s English accent went viral on social media.

Amadou Onana has gone viral on social media for an interview in which he pulled off a perfect English accent when correcting a reporter for calling him “Andre”.

In the post-match interview following Belgium’s shock 1-0 defeat to Slovakia, Onana answered questions in French to reporters before an English reporter incorrectly called him Andre.

Onana responded in a perfect English accent: “Andre is not even my name, mate. Do you know what I mean?”

Instantly, Onana then returned to his initial interview with an incredibly calm temperament.

One fan stated on X: “That accent is so perfect that UEFA should forget the Belgian caps and let him play for England.”

Another said: “Can we check if Onana has a British passport?”

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