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14th Sep 2020

Alvaro Gonzalez responds to Neymar’s accusation of racism

Alvaro Gonzalez, Marseille's Spanish defender, has responded to Neymar's accusation of racism in a tweet in which he clarifies 'there's no place for racism'

Reuben Pinder

“There is no place for racism.”

Alvaro Gonzalez has responded to accusations of racism from Neymar during Le Classique on Sunday night, saying ‘there is no room for racism’.

The game between PSG and Marseille ended with five players being sent off, including Neymar, who struck Gonzalez on the back of the head and was given his marching orders after VAR officials picked up on the incident.

Neymar was seen multiple times during the game arguing with Gonzalez, accusing him of making a racist comment, and later complaining to the fourth official about the abuse he claims he received on the pitch.

Pitch-side microphones picked up Neymar’s complaints before the Brazilian sent two tweets about the incident. Neymar’s tweets accuse Gonzalez of calling him a “monkey motherf*****.”

Gonzalez’s response does not address Neymar directly, but the Marseille man began his post-match tweet with “No existe lugar para racismo” – “There is no place for racism.”

He then added: “Sometimes you have to learn to lose and take it on the field.”

Neymar then tweeted again, this time replying directly to Gonzalez, saying: “You are not a man to admit your mistake, losing is part of the sport.

“Now insulting and bringing racism into our lives no, I don’t agree. I don’t respect you! Admit what you said.”

Florian Thauvin scored the only goal of a game that was soured by the melee at the end and the alleged racism. The game ended with just 17 players on the field after the referee showed five red cards.

Speaking after the game, Marseille boss André Villas-Boas said he spoke with Gonzalez after the match. “Neymar was a little upset and I would not like to put shadow over this victory, but I don’t know because Alvaro is a very experienced player.

“Obviously, there is no room for racism in football, but I don’t think that was the case… I hope it was not the case. This is a historic victory for Marseille so I hope we can just focus on that.”

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