Alfredo Morelos enjoying life as the good guy for a welcome change 8 months ago

Alfredo Morelos enjoying life as the good guy for a welcome change

Morelos was in a promising position when he stopped play

During his time as a Rangers player, Alfredo Morelos hasn't always been synonymous with acts of fair play.


In the past four seasons, the Colombian has accumulated 47 yellow and seven red cards and, as a result, has missed over 12 matches due to suspension.

But, with his side leading by a single aggregate goal against Royal Antwerp on Thursday night, the Colombian was applauded - at least by some of his opponents - for stopping play when in a promising position for an injured player.

With the game entering first-half stoppage time, Morelos chased down a pass played down Rangers' right wing. With Jérémy Gélin keeping pace with him, it seemed the Belgian side were in no immediate danger.

However, when Gélin suddenly pulled up, clutching his hamstring, it seemed the Rangers forward had a free run to at least the edge of the Antwerp area.

Morelos, though, to the surprise of nearly everyone watching, opted against this. Despite not being prompted to by the referee (or anyone else, for that matter), he decided to stop the play so Gélin could be treated.

We can't be certain who it was, but one of Morelos' teammates, who wasn't quite in the shot, didn't seem too pleased with his decision, no matter how sporting it was.

Morelos was thanked by Antwerp players, however, and the half-time whistle was blown soon afterwards.


Fortunately, his decision to pass up on the opportunity didn't do too much damage to Steven Gerrard's side's chances of advancing to the last 16. A 5-2 win on the night saw them claim a 9-5 aggregate victory.