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22nd Jan 2018

Alexis Sanchez sets the record straight about his influence in the Arsenal dressing room

Conan Doherty

Poor Alexis.

Can you blame a man for wanting out of Arsenal? Really though.

It’s the same thing every year, it’s the same problem every year and, actually, they’re just getting progressively worse.

This season, they don’t even have an FA Cup run or a hammering by Bayern Munich to look forward. Arsene Wenger is in very real danger of leaving the club in a worse position than he found it which is downright incredible after all he did for them.

So he can cry about Sanchez all he likes, he can talk about how he disrupted the dressing room, but a player like that belongs in a club with more ambition surrounded by winners.

Alexis Sanchez is a Manchester United player now and Henrikh Mkhitaryan has to make do with Arsenal, the poor f**ker.

In his first social media post since joining his new club, the Chilean kept his class with the Arsenal fans who embraced him with love but he did have a dig at all those who have been spouting nonsense about him.

“I want to say thanks to the Technical Staff, to the medical team and all teammates with whom I shared many nice things for the club,” Sanchez wrote on Instagram before adding a classy thanks to the unseen workers.

“Especially those people who do not see themselves on the covers, but without them nothing would be possible – they prepare food for us and take care of us day by day, those who keep our shoes clean and the grass in the best conditions. Many thanks to you for helping us to improve every day. Thank you very much.

“There are people (former club players) who have spoken with no knowledge of what happens inside the club and cause damage. I must say I always gave 100%, until the last day, when I asked the manager to be in the team, because I wanted to make a contribution.

“I remember today, a conversation I had with [Thierry] Henry, a historic Arsenal player, who changed club for the same reason and today is my turn.

“Thanks for everything Gunners! All we achieved and the good moments that I gave to the club, I want to dedicate it to the fans, they are the most important. Thanks for every time you sing ‘Alexis Sanchez Baby.'”

Now, a new chapter.

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