Michael Owen's slip of the tongue has not impressed Liverpool fans 5 years ago

Michael Owen's slip of the tongue has not impressed Liverpool fans

Some Liverpool supporters have lost their patience with Michael Owen.

He may have scored 158 goals for the Reds during his time on Merseyside but those days are long gone and his relationship with the Anfield faithful has since soured beyond belief.


Just over a year ago, it was announced that Owen would act as Liverpool's international ambassador, a position which would see him "engaging with fans around the world and representing the club at the fan and commercial events."

Owen sounded absolutely delighted with the appointment, which came last April.

"As a Liverpool fan I am honoured and delighted to have been asked to play this international role for the club," he said at the time.


"Liverpool FC is the world's greatest football family and it's great for me to be able to represent the club in an official capacity once again."

399 days have passed since he was given his new role but a small group of Liverpool fans want to see him relieved of his duties, based largely on the fact that he referred to another of his former clubs, Manchester United, as "we" during their Europa League final victory over Ajax.

A petition has since been started, aimed at getting 15,000 signatures, with the hope of convincing Liverpool to cut ties with their ex-striker.


At the time of writing, more than 10,000 supporters have thrown their backing behind the campaign, the details of which are below.

'Michael Owen has been a disgrace towards his position as Liverpool's International Ambassador and he must be stripped from the position immediately.

'Whoever decided to make him ambassador should also take a look at themselves.

'Michael Owen openly supports rivals and shows zero respect to Liverpool, until it suits him. On Wednesday night during the Europa League final, live on BT Sport, Michael Owen referred to Man Utd as "We".

'As Liverpool ambassador Liverpool supporters did not take this well and that was the final straw. The club and supporters deserve someone who will give 100% to the club and the only "we" should be when referring to the club paying you.'