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20th Feb 2018

“A fan spat at Aguero”

Oli Dugmore

The Manchester City striker was furious at full-time when Wigan knocked his team out of the FA Cup

Chaos descended on the DW Stadium last night as Wigan booted Manchester City out of the FA Cup after a single Will Grigg goal.

After the final whistle hundreds of home fans invaded the pitch while City’s players moped toward the changing room.

In the process a fan started taunting Sergio Aguero and the two became involved in an altercation. Television coverage of the match appeared to show the Argentine hitting out at the man in a green jacket.

City’s coaching staff then desperately tried to restrain Aguero as he lunged for the man again.

The BBC highlighted the incident in their post-match analysis.

Aguero was then escorted from the pitch by City staff.

It has now been claimed by The Mirror that the incident was started when someone spat at the Man City striker.

Journalist Jose Alvarez Haya told ChiringuitoTV why Aguero reacted like he did:

“A fan spat at Aguero and Kun feared he might have an object to cause him harm.”

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola said he did not see Aguero being attacked, it is understood City will ask Wigan why they could not protect their players better.

“I was in the locker room,” Guardiola said. “I did not see it.”