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06th Nov 2014

Five side-splitting Aprés Match sketches featuring birthday boy John Giles

To commemorate John Giles' 74th birthday, we have put together five of the best Aprés match sketches that feature the Leeds and Ireland legend.

Ben Kiely

To commemorate his 74th birthday, here are five of the best Aprés Match sketches that feature legendary Leeds and Ireland midfielder John Giles.

The Meaning of Giles with Gay Byrne

Both impersonators were on top form in this parody.

Take each game on its merits

He does say that quite a bit, in fairness.

The Giles Line

This bit was not broadcast live on RTE but was actually an extra on the 2008 Best of Aprés Match DVD. However, considering how heavily Giles features in it, we couldn’t leave it off the list.

The GAA Assimilation Committee

This gem comes from way back when the GAA were deliberating whether to allow foreign games to be played on Croke Park’s sacred soil. It remains a timeless classic even though the story is no longer topical.

Stop Looking At Me John

Wait until the end for final punchline courtesy of Gilesy.

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