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09th Oct 2015

5 camera-rattling videos of the absolute scenes across Ireland after our German glory

Olé multiplied by three

Patrick McCarry

The nation held its breath, for about 95 minutes, last night and still had energy to let out a roar heard all the way over in Gelsenkirchen, Berlin and beyond.

Following a tense, taut, terrific 1-0 Irish win, there were absolute scenes the country over.

Over in the Aviva, the green army went bonkers.

It looks like the most craic was had in Limerick and it was added to because of some legends in An Garda Síochána.

The lads on the beat cranked out ‘Put ‘Em Under Pressure’ to send a bunch of joyous Irish fans wild.

These were the scenes on Camden Street at the entirely irresponsible time of 3am this morning. In Derry, meanwhile, St Columb’s Hall went ballistic as the enormity of the result sank in. And this Waterford Dad went viral, last night, with his emotional reaction to Ireland doing a number on Jogi Low and his world champions.

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