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02nd Jun 2019

Punch stats for Katie Taylor v Delfine Persoon make for interesting reading

Conan Doherty

Compubox to the rescue.

Katie Taylor showed guts and stamina and bits of craft in her win over Delfine Persoon in MSG but there were eyebrows raised at the judges’ decision to award her the victory.

In a war of attrition, Taylor dominated the opening of the fight but she was under the cosh for large parts and every pundit and former boxer scored a win for the Belgian but it was the Wicklow wonder who left with all four belts.

The discourse around the fight continues though with many believing that a rematch should be immediately fixed to fairly reflect the performance of a tearful Persoon and the stats offered by Compubox after the fight show that the 34-year-old actually landed more punches.

  • Persoon landed 116 punches
  • Taylor landed 103 punches

Taylor’s hit rate was much more efficient and, interestingly, her power punches were more effective and they would’ve scored higher for her.

  • Persson landed 83 power punches
  • Taylor landed 93 power punches

And, yet again, her wastage wasn’t anywhere near as much as Persoon who landed just 23% of her power punches and 19.8% of her total punches.


Katie Taylor