Michael Conlan reacts to AIBA's disciplinary threat 5 years ago

Michael Conlan reacts to AIBA's disciplinary threat

He's not backing down a single, solitary inch.

It's the response to the response to the response we were waiting for.


Michael Conlan touched down in Dublin Airport on Wednesday afternoon and was informed of the comments from AIBA president Ching-Kuo Wu. Conlan's passionate outburst, following his controversial Rio 2016 boxing exit, drew ire from Wu, who declared:

"You cannot humiliate people. They are officials. He put himself in a difficult position, I can tell you. A lot of disciplinary action will follow."

Conlan was brought up to speed before biting back. He told reporters:

"I still believe everything I said was the truth, it was me being honest. If I hadn’t said those things, even though it was a bit crazy, I would probably have a bit of regret now not saying it.

"I know what happened and I know what went on, it is what it is, life goes on."

Michael Conlan 24/8/2016

Conlan is not bothered 'in the slightest' by Wu's threats. "They have no right to punish me after what they’ve done," he proclaimed.



The Belfast reflected on AIBA sending certain judges home from Rio, including the ones that scored his bout. He commented:

"I spoke the truth and how can they discipline me after more or less admitting what they did was wrong because they sacked the judges?

"They sacked judges and changed people in roles, so it’s a bit cheap what they are saying."

The amateur world champion, who is now considering professional offers, says he has been contacted by people from Puerto Rico, Mongolia, and just about everywhere in between since he spoke out against AIBA at Rio 2016.

"I’m a folk hero in Canada," said Canada's newest folk hero.

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