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07th Dec 2020

Pricing plan to watch Mayweather vs Paul is suitably ridiculous

Wayne Farry

Mayweather Logan Paul

The earlier you pay, the cheaper it is.

The Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul bout, slated for next February, should be all types of wrong, but expect millions to sneak a glimpse or two.

Money makes the world go around. We know this. We work so we can get paid money, to then pay rent or a mortgage, and buy the goods and supplies for us to survive and thrive. That’s life.

Sport is no different. Teams in the EFL dream of reaching the Premier League so they can avail of that sweet TV rights payday, with the Championship play-off regularly described as ‘the most expensive game in world football’.

Few sports, though, are quite as defined by the vast sums of money involved as boxing. This is understandable – if you’re asking two people to step into a ring together and box the heads off each other, the least you can do is remunerate them generously.

But what this also means is that if you offer someone enough money, they’re likely to take part in any fight you organise. This is why we saw Floyd Mayweather face off against Conor McGregor a few years back, and why we’ll see him step into the ring against YouTuber Logan Paul in February 2021.

The fight, which has been widely described as something of a monstrosity in sporting terms, will be streamed on the pay-per-view platform FanMio, and tickets are currently available for $24.99 (just under €21).

That’s decent value, depending on your definition of the word, but if you wait any longer than the price gets much, much higher. That’s because the pricing is structured as such that once a million tickets are sold, the basic price jumps to $39.99 (just over €33), before skyrocketing to $59.99 (€50) from December 29.

Leave it until after February 11 and you, dear reader, will have to pay a frankly exuberant fee of $69.99 (approximately €58) to watch Floyd Mayweather treat Paul like a punching bag.

So there you have it, if you want to watch this ‘fight’ for anything resembling a reasonable fee, you’re better off getting in there early.