Irish world champion TJ Doheny blasts 'piss-ant' Tyrone McCullagh 6 months ago

Irish world champion TJ Doheny blasts 'piss-ant' Tyrone McCullagh

Undefeated IBF super bantamweight champion TJ Doheny has blasted Irish super bantamweight Tyrone McCullagh for saying that he'd 'gladly embarrass him' if the two were to meet in the ring.

Doheny, 32, recently defended his super bantamweight strap with a TKO victory over Ryohei Takahashi in New York earlier this month and has now turned his attention towards McCullagh after the Derry native was offended by Doheny saying that he lacked the experience to share the ring with him.

The Port Laoise native doubled down on his stance on Saturday and said that he would fight McCullagh once he proved that he was worthy of a shot at his title.

"Everyone knows that this isn't my style but I feel like something has to be said here," said Doheny.

"Tyrone McCullagh, you need to relax and show some respect. I'm about to go and unify two world titles and your name dropping me? Looking for fights this year? You couldn't even get rid of a southern area level fighter in your last fight and your WBO whatever-the-fuck belt you want to call it. You got left on the seat of your pants in the fight before that.

"You were lucky to escape the round and get through the rest of the fight. Go and earn your stripes man. Do what I had to do, work your way up through the rankings. Earn your spot. I have no problem fighting you but get yourself into contention and then we can talk. Until then keep scurrying around the ring like a little piss ant.

"And another thing, this is the last thing I'll be saying on the matter so leave me out of your conversations alright! Good luck!"

McCullagh is undefeated in 12 professional fights with six wins by way of knockout.