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30th Mar 2016

Chris Eubank Jr and Sr get very angry at reporter’s questions about Nick Blackwell issue

The look on Eubank's face says it all...

Ben Kenyon

What happened after Chris Eubank Jr’s middleweight title clash with Nick Blackwell has served as a sobering reminder of just how dangerous boxing can be.

The former British champion collapsed after the fight with Eubank Jr and remained in an induced coma after he suffered bleeding on the brain in the one-sided fight.

It’s now common knowledge trainer, father and mentor Eubank Sr told his son to hold back from dishing out any more heavy blows to Blackwell’s head as the Somerset fighter looked in increasingly deep water.

Doctors have since opined that the fight should have been stopped three rounds earlier than the 10th stanza – and Eubank Sr was seen imploring the referee to call a halt to the contest from outside the ring.

The Eubanks have spoken honestly and candidly about what happened in the aftermath of the Blackwell fight.

But an interview with Channel 4’s Matt Frei has been condemned by both men along with a slew of boxing fans.

Channel 4 have become notorious for asking difficult and sometimes controversial questions to people including Quentin Tarantino and Robert Downey Jr.

Now former middleweight world champion Eubank and his son have been left unhappy with Frei’s interview technique.

Eubank stopped Frei mid interview saying ‘your line of questioning isn’t conducive to a good interview’ after he asked whether he was giving mixed messages to his son about the importance of winning when he told him not to ease off Blackwell.

He then brought up Eubank Sr’s infamous fight against Michael Watson 25 years ago, which left Watson permanently disabled.

Frei asked: “What do you regret most about that fight: Watson’s inability to function afterwards, or what you would have described as ‘your loss of edge’?” Eubank Sr handled the question with dignity.

But then Eubank Jr refused to answer his final question about whether he’d rather have Blackwell in perfect health or hold on to his British title.

Afterwards the new British champion took to Facebook to air his disgust with the interview, saying ‘Some of the worst interview questions I’ve ever heard.’

His fans agreed…

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