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01st Aug 2021

Carl Frampton, Barry McGuigan, and Shane McGuigan all in the one dressing room – You could cut the tension with a knife

Lee Costello

“You are such a child mate.”

Carl Frampton became a two-weight world champion under the guidance of Barry McGuigan as his promotor and Shane McGuigan as his trainer.

The three of them seemed to have an incredible bond and enjoyed a very successful journey together, beating some of the top names in boxing such as Scott Quigg, and Leo Santa Cruz.

However, as so often is the case in boxing, the relationship soured, money issues and splits led them to a messy court case, and now they aren’t even on speaking terms.

Shane McGuigan’s fighter, Chris Billam-Smith was fighting Belfast’s Tommy McCarthy for the European title, but just for added drama, a certain Carl Frampton was helping out in McCarthy’s corner.

Shane spotted his former fighter and friend in the hotel lobby beforehand, and didn’t waste time getting reacquainted with him.

“You are such a child mate. Coming all the way over here just to…”

“I’m doing my mates corner,” interrupted Frampton.

“I’m doing the bucket, water boy, and a very good one as well.”

It didn’t end there, as The Jackal took gamesmanship to a whole new level, when he went into the McGuigan changing room to inspect Chris Billam-Smith’s hands getting wrapped.

That meant there was a changing room with Barry, Shane and Carl, all sitting silently in a room that had more tension than the fight itself.

Barry McGuigan responded in kind, going into the McCarthy camp and watch his hands get wrapped in what would have been an equally tense atmosphere.

The fight itself was almost to close to call, but Chris Billam-Smith won it on a split decision.

It was nothing but respect between the two fighters, and giving that it could have went either way, many are expecting a rematch to be on the cards.