The atmosphere at Madison Square Garden was so loud that the referee couldn't even hear the bell 1 year ago

The atmosphere at Madison Square Garden was so loud that the referee couldn't even hear the bell

Taylor had to tell Serrano the round was over.

What do you get when you jam thousands of passionate Irish fans together in a room, with fanatic Puerto Rican fans, as two of their heroes create history in New York, by going to toe to toe in the biggest boxing event of the year?


The answer is an atmosphere so electric, so intense, and so loud that it reverberates throughout he entirety of Madison Square Gardens.

Katie Taylor defeated Amanda Serrano in one of the best fights that the Garden has ever hosted, and every single punch, duck, and forward step, was met with relentless cheers and songs of encouragement.

The noise was simply deafening from the second they made they made the ring walks and you can understand why.


The build up to this fight has been going on for years, and there have been so many backs and forth between the fighters, trainers, fans, and promotors, to the point where many doubted it would ever happen at all.

So for it to finally be taking place, all of the anticipation was simply pulsating through the room, and the fighters clearly fed off it as they put on a performance fit to grace any arena.


However, with the unprecedented levels of decimals being hit, it actually had a literal effect on the fight as early in the bout, when the bell went to signal that the round was over, it appeared that nobody heard it.

Tony Bellew Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

Amanda Serrano was still swinging, and still stepping forward with all of her might, and the referee was none the wiser as to why this shouldn't be the case.


Amazingly, the atmosphere had completely drowned out the sound of the bell, and it actually took Taylor backing up the the ropes and visibly signal to her opponent that the bell had rung, and that the round was over.

Just another small highlight reel in one of the most exciting nights in Irish sporting history.