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11th Aug 2017

Amir Khan has apologised to Anthony Joshua following last week’s bizarre accusation

Maybe Twitter isn't the best place to air dirty laundry

Darragh Murphy

Hopefully, Amir Khan has learned his lesson in terms of how not to use social media.

Last Friday saw an utterly bizarre exchange between the British boxer and his wife, Faryal, as Kham claimed that the pair had decided to split up and that his soon-to-be ex had moved on to none other than Anthony Joshua.

Faryal’s responses were open and somewhat brutal, leading most of their followers to initially believe that they’d been hacked because surely no married couple would air their dirty laundry in such an open forum.

Well, they had…

Khan confirmed that his social media had not been hacked and that every tweet posted last Friday came from his fingertips.

Joshua’s response was predictably priceless as, prior to insisting he’d never met Faryal, he sent the below tweet into the Twittersphere.

A week has passed since the bizarre spat and Faryal took to Twitter again to clarify her stance on what went on.

“I’ve been quiet for some time because I myself didn’t know what’s going on,” Faryal wrote.

“Everything that’s going on is just not right and a complete misunderstanding.

“The screenshots sent to Amir were ‘fake’ and Amir thought Joshua and I were speaking, when we’ve never even met.

“Anger took the better of him and he tweeted away without thinking. There was absolutely no truth to it.”

Khan then admitted to having partied in Dubai in the hope of angering Faryal before contacting ‘AJ’ to issue something of an apology.

And, class act that he is, Joshua wasted no time in accepting the apology from his fellow Brit.