"You're a knob" - Michael van Gerwen to Phil Taylor after beating him 2 years ago

"You're a knob" - Michael van Gerwen to Phil Taylor after beating him

For the third year running, Michael van Gerwen is the Grand Slam of Darts champion.

The Dutchman beat Peter Wright in Sunday evening's final in what was a friendly encounter but the same can't be said for Van Gerwen's semi-final with Phil Taylor.

MVG claimed a 16-8 victory over Taylor to secure a place in the final and the match descended into the latest installment of the pair's heated rivalry.

There was an exchange of words after the men left the stage for a break, with Taylor supposedly scolding his opponent for celebrating after winning that leg.

"He tried a few of his tricks, what he always does," Van Gerwen told Sky Sports.

"In the break I wasn’t allowed to cheer from my own throw. I don’t know why when I finished a 74.

"What can I say? Honestly, you want to know honestly? I just walked off, had a little nip of my drink.

"He came to me ‘you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that’.

"I just said ‘you’re a knob’ again, that’s exactly what I said."

The Dutch master continued.

"Then he was annoyed at what I said, I don’t know why but something always happens in-between our games, after or before.

"But I also thinks it’s our rivalries in our games because we don’t want to lose to each other, we try to present our best all the time.

"Maybe I shouldn’t say it but I still think it was a good game for everyone to watch and that’s what is most important."

Taylor is not the most popular player in the world and 'The Power' also had some choice words for quarter-final opponent Daryl Gurney on Saturday night.

Taylor insisted he enjoyed beating Gurney all the more because he hadn't poured him a glass of water before bizarrely dropping Conor McGregor's name in the post-victory interview.