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20th Jan 2022

Daniil Medvedev shuts up the Australian boo-boys with a brilliant post-match interview

Daniel Brown

Ronaldo’s ‘SIU’ celebration is causing drama at the Australian Open.

Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev was booed by the Australian Open crowd as he was being interviewed after defeating Nick Kyrgios in the second round of the tournament.

Medvedev secured a 3-1 victory over the Australian – who fought admirably to take the match to a fourth set after losing the opening two.

However, Medvedev proved too strong for Kyrgios, winning the final set 6-2 to ensure his progression into the third round.

While the 25-year-old Russian was being interviewed following the match, the atmosphere began to sour as the crowd in attendance booed him.

When asked how he enjoyed competing against Kyrgios, Medvedev replied: “I came to win this match and I’m happy that I managed to do it.”

The world number two was then asked how he managed his emotions during the tie, particularly considering that the crowd were on Kyrgios’ side, which saw the interview take an unexpected turn.

He responded: “That’s the only choice when you get booed between first and second serve, it’s not easy, but I just had to stay calm and win the match.”

The interview – Jim Courier – suggested that the crowd might have been saying ‘Siuuu’ – a reference to the celebration synonymous with Manchester United forward Ronaldo. It’s clear, however, that they were not and that Jim Courier was just trying to be nice.

Medvedev then claimed that he couldn’t hear what was being asked, which led the Russian to tell the crowd to “show some respect to Jim Courier” and that “if you respect anyone, respect Jim Courier.”

Courier reiterated that he didn’t think the crowd were booing the tennis star, but Medvedev responded: “But between first and second serve, it’s not easy, I remember it was actually on the games I lost, and it was tough to play.”

Thankfully, the interview eventually got back on track and Medvedev was able to discuss the match itself, which promoted cheers from the crowd who eventually demonstrated their appreciation for the Russian.

Following the conclusion of the post-match interview, Medvedev was able to see the funny side of it as he wrote ‘Siuuu’ on the camera.

Earlier this week, Andy Murray admitted he was ‘incredibly irritated’ by the Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired ‘SIU’ celebrations following his hard-fought victory in the first round of the Australian Open.