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09th Jun 2016

WATCH: Glorious compilation of Donald Trump making a balls of sporting shout-outs

Leaving the truth far behind

Patrick McCarry

‘What town am I in now? And what’s the local sports team?’

We would imagine that would be the brief conversation we would have with our underpaid and harassed aide if we were ever running for election.

So it probably goes for Donald Trump, the likely Republican Party nominee for this year’s US Presidential election. Trump has surprised millions by rallying conservative support and promising to defeat the best the Democrats can put up against him in November.

Trump likes golf but can take or leave most other sports.

FOX Sports Live has broken stride to compile some superb moments from the campaign trail that shows Trump hasn’t the foggiest about the best of sports at the best of times.

Golden State Warriors from San Francisco? Tom Brady from Massachusetts? That’s just a taster.

God Bless these United States.