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15th Dec 2014

VINE: Bengals running back Jeremy Hill is given the ol’ stiff arm by Browns fans

"No thank you"

Darragh Murphy

Cleveland Browns fans are clearly not people who forgive or forget too quickly.

During Cincinnati’s 30-0 shutout of the Brown’s last night, running-back Jeremy Hill ran in a 16-yard touchdown before attempting an audacious celebration with the Cleveland fans.

That attempt was given short shrift though by this fan who denied Hill access to the stand.

The Browns faithful can be excused for feeling aggrieved by Hill, though, as it is the Cincinnati player who described their team as being “probably worse than I thought, to be honest with you,” when the teams met in early November.

If it wasn’t the insult that upset the Browns fans, perhaps it was Hill’s mocking of Cavaliers’ LeBron James’ chalk toss as he celebrated his first touchdown.

Either way, he was met with a slap of rejection and will be feeling like a poor, lonely soul this morning.