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24th Nov 2014

VINE: Ah here, NFL kickers are doing rabonas now

Marks for effort

Sean Nolan

Erik Lamela has a lot to answer for

Rabonas used to be a rare treat, something that would pop up once in a blue moon from some far flung game in Uruguay, with only grainy footage of the moment of magic by some rising South American superstar.

But since Erik Lamela pulled off a truly world-class rabona goal for Spurs last month, they are getting out of hand.

Not only did Eden Hazard get in trouble with his national boss Marc Wilmots for a botched rabona cross against Wales while playing for Belgium, the rabona has now, like some sort of bird flu, crossed species and infected American football.

In a last gasp bid to get one more possession against the Denver Broncos last night, the Miami Dolphins tried an onside kick after a TD. But kicker Caleb Sturgis’ rabona-style effort didn’t quite work, as the Broncos nabbed the ball and won the game.