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02nd Feb 2015

Video: Schemozzle alert at the end of the Super Bowl

It all got a bit hot and heavy in the last minute

Kevin McGillicuddy

Ah sure it was only a bit of handbags

The New England Patriots had to fight for their very lives to try and win tonight’s Superbowl, and with just a few seconds left they took that a bit too literally.

As they led 28-24 and the Seahawks were trying to engineer a move to rescue the game, the tension of the occasion spilled over between the players with a bit of pushing,shoving and physical aggro from both sides.

It wasn’t the nicest ends to what was a super game, but it was just another aspect to what was an enthralling night of drama in Arizona.

After things had calmed down Bruce Irvin got flagged and ejected for his troubles.

H/T to The Big Lead