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19th Jan 2016

VIDEO: LeBron James shoves Steph Curry to the ground in rage, Steph Curry gets brilliant revenge

Clash of the titans

Conan Doherty

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us.

LeBron James must be sick of the sight of Steph Curry.

This basketball craic was supposed to be cornered by the Cleveland legend. This was his turf. He owned it. And we were in awe of him.

Then, someone like Steph Curry comes along and completely demystifies the game. The league’s MVP has been absolutely ripping up the sport and his Golden State Warriors, the NBA champions, are on a ridiculous run of winning 38 games out of 42 this season.

They rolled up on Monday night to face last year’s NBA finals opponents and they left with 34 points between them, romping home 132-98.

And LeBron James looked to be fed up with Steph Curry who scored a bog-standard 35 points on the night. James reacting to his defence by shoving the Warriors point guard to the ground.

But Curry got his sweet revenge when he sent James to the floor later in the game. He got free and happened to sink a three-pointer too.

Handy enough.