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08th Feb 2017

So it turns out that Julian Edelman was mic’d up and had a brilliant reaction to his ridiculous catch

"I caught it... CRAZY!

Darragh Murphy

Just when you thought that catch couldn’t get any better.

We’re all for the mic-ing up of professional athletes as it gives an added insight into what actually takes place on the field, plus we get to learn of our favourite players’ favourite swear words.

A moment that will go down in the annals of unforgettable Super Bowl plays is the unfathomable piece of athleticism displayed by New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman as he completed a catch that literally beggars belief.

Edelman initially looked to have control of the football before it came loose in a tackle and bounced loose off the ankle of an Atlanta Falcons defender.

Just as the officials were preparing to signal for an incomplete pass, Edelman’s reflexes took over and he thrust his arms forward, securing possession of the ball and providing the moment of one of the most memorable sporting comebacks of all time.

And even he couldn’t believe he’d pulled it off.

The NFL has released footage of the catch, complete with audio from the player himself who reacted with complete shock at his own super-human ability to make this catch a reality.

“I caught it… Crazy!” Edelman said.

It sure was.