The top 5 moments in Super Bowl history 4 years ago

The top 5 moments in Super Bowl history

This only makes us even more excited for Super Bowl LIII.

It really doesn't matter what sides make it to the Super Bowl. It's always special, and brings together hardcore NFL fans and casual supporters of the sport.


The reason for that it's almost always a classic. Down through the years, there has been no shortage of classic moments that are up there with some of the best you would see in any sport.

5. Santonio Holmes - Super Bowl XLIII

Firstly, a bit of context. In the 2008/09 season, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals were in an arm wrestle of a Super Bowl tie.

After the Steelers looked like they were running away with it, Arizona started catching up. With just 35 seconds left, an inch-perfect pass from Roethlisberger found Santonio Holmes in the corner to snatch the game.


Clip via NFL Films

4. Patriots comeback - Super Bowl LI

This game shows why Tom Brady is, and always will be, regarded as one of the best in the game. After the Falcons had run up a 28-3 lead, the New England Patriots had a mountain to climb.


Climb it they did, with no small thanks to some of the most perfectly-weighted passes you'll ever hope to see in the NFL. Tom Brady pulled his teammates up from the gutter to bring them back to level pegging, before they went on to win the whole game.

Clip via NFL

3. Butler picks off Wilson - Super Bowl XLIX


It shouldn't all be about the winning touchdown or a long range pass to nab a game. Defensive play is just as important when you're trying to close out a game, and this pick from Malcolm Butler has to be one of the most significant interceptions of all time.

All square at half time, the Seahawks built a well-earned 10-point lead for themselves. After the Patriots managed to get back on top, it took everything in their arsenal to maintain their lead and win the game.

Clip via NFL

2. Eagles soar - Super Bowl LII


This one might just have made the list because it's so fresh memory, but what a game it was. Even with just a few seconds left on the clock, we knew the Patriots had the ability to pull something out of the bag.

It was Philadelphia's day though, and that last play (from about 18:35 below) will live long in their memories.

Clip via NFL Films

1. One yard short - Super Bowl XXXIV

It was all set up for the Titans to make Super Bowl history with the last play of the game. With just six seconds left, they had a chance to be the first ever team to score a touchdown during the last play of regulation time.

After Kurt Warner had helped the St Louis Rams build a seven-point lead, they weren't going to give up easy. Watching Kevin Dyson land so close to the end zone is soul-crushing for Titans fans, but a moment to be treasured forever by those backing the Rams.

Clip via NFL

BONUS MOMENT: The left shark - Super Bowl XLIX

It isn't all about the game itself. Many people tune in just to watch the adverts and half-time show, and the star of 2015 wasn't even known before the game.

The shark dancing to the left-hand side of the screen deserves a medal. Not for being good at dancing, but for being more entertaining than an artist who has sold millions of records all over the world.

Clip via What's Trending

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