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11th Nov 2014

Mark Sanchez: From buttfumble to beatdowns

The Sanchize is back... And he isn't terrible!

Gareth Makim

Look away New York Jets fans…

After finally exorcising their franchise of the Sanchize, Jets fans could only watch in horror last night as the author of the infamous buttfumble appeared to be a competent quarterback, leading the Philadelphia Eagles to a crushing 45-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers last night.

Sanchez, run out of New Jersey after years of poor play, was called upon to start after Eagles QB Nick Foles went down injured last time out, and he threw for 332 yards and delivered two touchdown passes in a comprehensive triumph on Monday Night Football. Most importantly, there were none of the mistakes associated with Sanchez’s many failures for the Jets.

Nobody’s saying Sanchez is now a world beater – he did, after all, have plenty of help from his special teams and some dominant defensive play (see below) – but it’s once again proof that a good supporting cast and decent coaching can make the world of difference.

Maybe Jets head coach Rex Ryan could apply for Philly’s defensive coordinator position at the end of the season.