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17th Nov 2014

Jermaine Gresham tweets fan who had ball ripped from her with kind gesture

Fair play

Conan Doherty

A real touch of class, this.

Whilst some NFL players are out trying to pay for store items with bubble gum, others are looking out for the little people.

Cincinnati Bengals star, Jermaine Gresham, made sure that the jerk who ripped the ball from two female fans on Sunday wouldn’t have the last laugh.  Gresham tossed the pig skin into two adoring Bengals supporters after his touchdown during their win over the Saints yesterday but a New Orleans fan was quick as a flash in with a sickly interception.

But Gresham, not happy with what he had seen, went home and sourced out one of the girls involved and wrote her this lovely tweet. How raging would they be now though if they were just sent an American Football when they’ve probably already gone out and splashed the compensation?